Position yourself as career hairstylist, start charging what you’re worth and have more time to focus on your life outside of the salon.
  • were able to make 50% more than what you are currently in 3 months, without working all those insane hours.
  • ​​ were able to get organized and manage your time so well, you no longer feel overwhelmed and you can take time for yourself. 
  • ​​ were able to provide such a valuable experience, your guests don't bat an eyelash at your prices...No matter where you live.
  • ​ were able to wake up every morning without stress or anxiety because your mindset is dripping with confidence.
  • had on demand mentorship from a team who has been right where you’re at and you never had to feel alone or overwhelmed again.
  • ​ knew exactly how to push past fear and stop putting off the changes you know you need to make.
  • ​ had accountability to hit goals and stick to your boundaries.
Ready to make this your life?

Rich Life Hairstylist is your ticket to transformation, no Fairy Godmother required.

What RLH students are saying...
"I have a 91% Pre-Booking Rate."
-Savvy Jo
"I show up differently...I'm in boss mode all the time."
- April 
"I flourish...and people notice."
...your ticket to transformation in your life
and career behind the chair
RLH is a 12 week online course that helps you get out of your own way to make the changes in your career that will teach you how to make more money without adding hours to your work week.

We haven’t found some ‘secret get rich quick’ method but we give you the key to actually see results from what you learn.

And that is intimacy through accountability and leadership. Results won’t happen without direct guidance and support from mentors who’ve been where you’re at and know how to take you where you want to be.

Each week you’ll have video lessons and an assignment to complete. Your professor will check-in with you weekly to give you support and feedback with any questions you have and make sure you’re implementing to get the highest results.

Rich Life is the unicorn of courses for stylists. You get education, accountability, results and total transformation. Not just in your career, but in all aspects of your life.

That’s why this is the #1 course for hairstylists right now, we build careers that our students have always dreamed of having. Scroll down and take a peep for yourself…

What RLH students are screaming from the rooftops...
  • ...​You'd be happy if you just had a couple extra hours a week with your fam-- but let's not get it twisted. Figuring out how to increase your income by 50% would be more than okay with you.
  • ​...​You need a mentor or leader to guide in what changes to make. You need to be held accountable because you know you can't do this alone anymore.
  • ​...You want to quit overworking yourself but don’t want to make less money, and you’re not sure how to make it happen.
  • ​...You’ve built a solid career for yourself, but you feel like you’re hitting a ceiling and you’re starting to this really all I can be?!
  • ...​You’re a go getter and can't wait to hit the ground running. You’ll do whatever it takes to see transformational results. You know without a doubt RLH is exactly what you need.

If you’re nodding your head like 'YUP- that’s so me'...RLH is exactly what you want. 

Digital Learning
Video trainings and exercises teach you how to build a thriving business. Throughout the 12 weeks, you’ll get access to a new chapter and have time to practice what you learn so you don’t get overwhelmed.
 Unlimited Support
24/7 Access to the Rich Life communication platform. Never feel like you’re in this by yourself again. Have a question? Need to talk something through? All the support and love you need is one message or video chat away.
Lifetime Access
Your access to RLH content, never expires! Even when the 12 weeks is over, all of the lessons and digital resources will still be available for you to use and refer back to.
Accountability like you've never seen before! You’ll have weekly check-ins with your professor to ensure that you know exactly what to do, that you’re on track and are seeing the best results. 
Phase 1 Real Talk: 
The first week of the course focuses on your mindset. You’ll be able to identify what thoughts, habits and behaviors are holding you back and how to break through them. 80% of our success is determined by our mindset and us getting out of our own way so we can get there.

Phase 2 Champs Are Disciplined:
Weeks 2-7 we focus on building new habits and creating behaviors that change how you show up in your business. You learn scripts and systems that will directly affect the money you’re making behind the chair and how many hours you’re working. You’ll be able to sell retail, pre-book, charge what you’re worth and have a guest experience that creates incredible retention and sets you apart from every other stylist out there. 
Phase 3 Expert Status: In weeks 8-10 we get to work. You’ll be able to execute what you’ve learned behind the chair with confidence and start seeing results. None of this will work if you don’t. And that’s why you have us, to hold you accountable to showing up like you know you can.
Phase 4 Cash Flow Gains:
In Weeks 11-12 you’ll have a clear understanding of your business benchmarks and how they make you money, you’ll know how to manage and balance your time and you’ll be able to stick to clear and healthy boundaries. You’ll see how far you’ve grown mentally and financially not just as a stylist, but as a human. How you view and feel about yourself, your career and your ability to make money and be fulfilled will be completely different than when you started RLH. 
What RLH students are saying...
Hi there, I’m Heather Yurko!

I’m a girl from Kentucky who was on the fast track to nowhere (ask my mom) until one day in Feb 2007, in the middle of Walmart I decided:

“I don’t want the life I’m headed for.” 

So I became a hairstylist and 4 years into my career I brought in $250,000 in service sales. And I don’t say that to brag, it was hard freaking work and I failed more times than I won. 

I’m telling you that because I know how you feel. I know how hard it is to build a successful business as a hairstylist, especially when you’re doing it on your on.

The only reason I was able to see so much success in my career that quickly, was because I had a team behind me, supporting me and leaders that pushed me.

I opened my own salon, Neatbeat in 2013. Using the systems, habits and behaviors that I learned behind the chair, I was able to coach and guide my team to experience the success in the industry that I did and that I believe is possible for every hairstylist out there.

And that’s how Rich Life Hairstylist, the course you’ve scrolled all the way down this page reading about ;) was created...I put together all of the knowledge, information and training I’ve learned over the last decade so that YOU, can have that success too.

But you can’t do it alone. You need a team and leaders who hold you accountable, push you to dream bigger and believe in you so damn much, it inspires you to do things you’d never do by yourself. That’s the only way you’ll get to the point you’re after.

So that’s where me and my team at PIP University come in. Let us be your team and your leaders so that you can experience the life as a hairstylist you’ve dreamed about. 

Q1: I’m so busy already, will I have time for this?
Most of our students dedicate 4-5 hours a week to work on Rich Life. Before your start date, we help you get your calendar set up and your time organized for the full 12 weeks so you’re not overwhelmed.
Q2: Idk if I can spend that kinda cash right now!
Oh I totally get it girlfriend. Making moves and investing in your career can be something that makes your belly do a backflip. Trust me, I know...I felt the same way when I hired my business mentor and every time I invest in education for myself! But I’ll tell ya this-- You’ve gotta spend money to make money. Don’t look at this an expense. It’s an investment. One that, if you do the work and show up to this… you’ll get a return on it. 100%. What you cannot afford right now, is the money that you’re gonna miss out on if you choose to leave this opportunity on the table.
Q3: I’m worried I’m just not cut out for this kind of course…it’s a lot!
First of all, you are capable of anything! A lot of times when an opportunity to grow comes along, we get so excited and thennnn fear comes strolling in the form of those little thoughts that tell us we’re not good enough, or that it’s not gonna work and nothing’s gonna change so why even try? Your professor and the PIP U team will be with you every step of the way, guiding you and supporting you in any way you need.
Q4: I know it’s worked for other people, but what if it doesn’t work for me?
It will work for you IF and only IF you commit to showing up, doing the work and honestly implementing every single thing we teach you. When you do that, you cannot fail. 
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